I AM not

I have moments in life when I discovered all the things I am not and I wished to be..

I am not the best

I am not athletic

I am not dependent (sometimes this is useful)

I am not good at communicating one on one

I am not good at follow up

I am not friendly (just found this out 😒😒)

I am not good at singing (so sad ☹☹)

I am not who I thought I will be at this age

I am not soooo many things that are considered good and I am sooo many things that are considered bad or undesirable.

And for long I dwelled on that, on the things I am not. But then I realized everybody has them. No body is all things, that is why we need each other.

So I decided to focus on the things I am, and appreciate them…

I am strong

I am independent

I am good at writing and speaking

I am confident

I am saved (this is super important to me)

I am Tanzanian

I am good at organizing and planning

I am ME.

Do I forget the things I am not? No, I work on areas I can to improve myself but I don’t complain about them because I know for each thing I am not, there is something else I am. Because I am who I am for a reason.

This list is not to show things I am good at but to show you that you are good at something no matter how it may seem that you mess up in other areas. Make your own list, appreciate everything you are, then work to improve and grow into characters you want to have because, in the end, YOU ARE YOU, you are a work in progress.


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