We are in the second half of the year, and it is time to evaluate where we are in terms of our new year goals/resolutions.

I for one did not achieve all the goals I set. I was consistency in some while I am totally not consistently in others (most of my goals were routine i.e to create a lifestyle). Other goals I am not even on the way to achieve them I am completely off track.

But what do I do? Do I beat my self up? Well, I used to do that. After doing an evaluation and realizing that I did not achieve what I wanted I would feel totally useless, like the biggest failure there is and I will spend a lot of time trying to find out what is wrong with me. This made me be my number one accuser, I did not need anyone else to tell me  how I am a failure, I did that to myself (😒 how scary)

Now, I have learnt that in this life success is not a straight line, it never will be. There will be falling here and there and this is the highlight of our lives, FAILURE. We set goals, we achieve some we fail some.. that is life (if you usually achieve all your goals good for you, please share your tips in the comments below). One important thing to bear in mind is that THAT IS HOW LIFE IS. It may not be your fault at all or it may be completely your fault that you are failing but that does not mean you give up!!! It means you pick your self up and do better.

I like one quote which says “If you fail then you have a failure but you are not a failure” (paraphrased probably)

Ask yourself, did you do your best? If yes, then well you will surely learn from this or it was not your season and if no, then you set to do your best next time. But never ever ever, conclude that you are a failure. This life we only get one, you definitely do not want to use it by being hard on yourself. Give yourself the pleasure of being your number one supporter.



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