With every morning looking at the mirror and not liking what I see

I decide nothing a touch here and there can’t fix

With few devices, and couple of brushes

Trying to set a before and after image.

Concealer to keep the black spots hidden

And make me look spotless

Foundation to give me a fresh look

And bring the best part out

Powder to hold it together

And keep my face bright forever

Oooh a little bit of blush

To keep my smile brighter.

The eyes I can’t live out

Shadow to make them stand out

Pencil for fuller eyebrows

Totally loving putting more

And aah what do they call this

Mascara to make this complete.

Moving to lips, where the smile originates

Deciding on the colour to crown my day

Balm to soften it and ensure shining till the end

Pencil around them, to make them seem fuller

Then colour comes in,,, ooh finally lipstick is on

Perfect perfect perfect,,, is what I hoped to see.

But came a shock, I still look the same

With all the efforts I did, to change the one I see

Just occurred to me,, all was waste of time

Then I realise,

To change the girl I see in the mirror

I need more than a couple of games.

No concealer can hide my dark parts,

I need to face them and change.

No foundation to make me bright

It has to start within self.

To make my eyes stand out, I gotta see the correct things

Mascara, Shadow doesn’t work out, its the focus I put in.

My lips no doubt, don’t need the lipstick on

For what they give out, is from the heart my own.

So until I decide to really change the girl in the mirror

No amount of makeup can give me a different me.


Sometimes we use other things to cover the real issues we struggle with, hoping that they will magically disappear. No amount of money, attention, power, friends, confidence, alcohol or even makeup will make you better. True change and improvement start with facing the real you, accepting your issues and problems and work towards creating a better you. Start today, to face that person in the mirror and ask if there is anything you are using to cover up the issues you are facing.

PS: I used confidence and being tough to cover up problems I needed to deal with. How about you? and what are you doing to solve that? Please share in the comment section below.


2 thoughts on “MAKE UP

  1. We tend to focus much on the outer part of our makes no sense when one tries to be good in the eyes of people while suffering deep down, we have to face the inner most personalities because its where the source of our true being found, then later this inner most part once well built will have a positive outlook from the outside.


  2. Yaaah real!! We are dealing with outer man while the true transformation starts with inner man. When u change the inner man you have truly changed the out look. All problems starts inside rather than outside we are concentrating with.

    Thank you Prisca for this wonderful message.


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