“With great power comes greater responsibilities” that’s from Superman (the first movie, I think!!),

But it is the truth!!! The kind of truth some of us don’t want to hear.

Let’s talk about success because no matter the age we are always trying to be successful in something and especially being in the 20s how to be successful is something we really want to find out.

Many, soooo many people want power, they want to be the best, beautiful, strong, intelligent, rich, successful and influential but very few are willing to carry the responsibility of getting there.

Physics has some rules we all adhere to like gravity, but they have one formula I love (the formula not Physics eh)


That is the truth…. There is a price to pay for anything (no free lunch they say) and when it comes power, influence, success or anything…you need to work and work for some time.

Let’s look at the components closely;

First, it is WORK DONE… a pastor I like always says “as a Christian you need to do your homework”. If you want to be successful in anything you have to do your homework. You have to stop fantasising and really work towards what you want…. That’s the responsibility of having success,,, you simply have to work for it cause no one, absolutely no one will give you success, you have to get up work and go get it, simple clear and ALWAYS true.

The second component is TIME; they say Rome was not built in one night but 400 years…. The same with your success (it won’t take 400 years huuuuuh) but it won’t be an overnight thing. Sometimes we make a decision and really start working hard for something, then one week passes, two and then three and finally a month and maybe two, and nothing happens… then we get frustrated, angry and start thinking this whole thing does not work but the truth is…. IT TAKES TIME… how long? I don’t know it is different for everything and everyone. But be careful for there are things which even after 100 years won’t work. But most times TIME is all you need for your WORKDONE to produce POWER or beauty or influence or success or anything you are working for.

Like gravity, there are few, very few who defy physics (look at aeroplanes they are fewer than cars) and they are very few who defy this rule of power, but again most don’t last long at the top.

So don’t hate the responsibilities you have they mean you have some power in you, and the fact that you have them means you have the power to fulfil them,,,.,, Also, do not see other people success and think it happened overnight, social media does not show us the work done and the time invested behind that overnight success.. just make sure you get that work done (this means everything necessary to be done) and let time multiply to produce that POWER you need… and that my dear is the physics of life.


3 thoughts on “PHYSICS OF LIFE

  1. I am for real..and now that am done with exams..i think its the perfect time to accomplish my dreams..and ofcoz dedicate time on them..Thankyuu Prisca..good talk


  2. I’m not sure the place you’re getting your information, but good topic. I needs to spend some time finding out more or understanding more. Thank you for wonderful info I used to be searching for this info for my mission.


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