It is the end, I must accept. Even though we tried our best, it just did not work out. We fought and fought and fought once more but nothing was working out until, in the end, we realize it was not meant to be.

But as we are parting ways, one question remain hanging, who lost? Who will be able to say you will not find someone like me, who will look back in the future and wish they did not let go, who will search and search for something like we had.

Did you lose me, since I am independent, respectful and loved you wholeheartedly or did I lose you since you were everything a girl could wish for? Deep down, will you miss the things I was good at or will I miss the attention you gave me? Who lost?

Those are feelings of pain, regret and resentment, something we feel now because we have just decided to end this, but truth be told NO ONE lost.

Us was never meant to be, not that we were lacking in any way but we were grounded in the wrong foundation. No one lost, since when we were together we were losing every day, so we just ended the losing. No one lost, we will look back and be grateful that we let go of our selfishness to search for something greater.

We all win by ending this, when we are together we sin more, we never think about God, never involve him in our discussion and the whole world revolve around us, only us (ooh what selfishness), don’t you think we win by breaking such a thing!!

We all win, since we destroyed a house built on wrong grounds, shack foundation of feelings only, with walls of lust, attention, demands and conditional acts, don’t you think we did well by tearing it down?

We made each other’s idols, you focusing on me and me focusing on you. My happiness and worthy was from what you did, what you thought of me and the same goes for you. We drifted from our true source of joy and worthy, the one we should have been focusing on, God. We all win by stopping this idolatry.

So, though today I am sad, even though I feel like my whole world has just fallen apart I will still let you go. Though I might spend months healing, even though I might cry thru many nights, we are truly over. No matter how hard this may seem, it is for our winning so we will go thru this road.

It is painful since we had built the world around each other, but we choose to honour God, we decide to stop losing and start winning. We are changing our focus from each other to the one who made us. It will be hard, (it is already hard right now!) but no victory is easy.

We are changing our status, from in a relationship to single, not because someone was wrong but because we want to start over the right way, separately.

Some decisions are hard and painful but need to be made. No matter how hard or hurtful it may seem right now if a decision has to be made then MAKE IT. Do not ask WHO LOST? or what you will lose as long as you know you have to make that decision.

Sometimes some LOSING is required for us to finally WIN.

Have you ever lost something to win something even greater? Share in the comments below.


7 thoughts on “WHO LOST?

  1. All the pleasures of Satan are good to the body which may perish but All the pleasures of God are good to the spirit. We all should lose body pleasures to win eternal pleasures!


  2. Some decisions are hard and painful but need to be made. No matter how hard or hurtful it may seem right now if a decision has to be made then MAKE IT. Do not ask WHO LOST?

    Decision …100% support that phrase, all important decision in life are hard to make, and not to decide is also a decision.


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