I do not wanna be a billionaire so freaking bad! Buy all the things I never had. I don’t wanna be on the cover of…. ( ahh, could not change all the lyrics)
At the age of 18, one of my goals was to be a millionaire when I am 25 years old. Well, I still have a few years to reach that age but with each day that passes that goal fades away, not because I am not seeing the possibilities but because money is no longer my priority.
Maybe it is just me, but with growing up I have realised a lot of things I considered important and essential are no longer that high on my list of priorities.
You see, I wanted to be a millionaire because of two main reasons, one was to able to travel the world but over the years I have heard a lot of stories about people who travelled a lot with not so much money. There are so many bloggers, sharing their travel for cheaper tips making having a lot of money a not so necessary thing to have to able to travel and experience the world.

The second reason for wanting to be a billionaire was to able to help people around me (I had some very good reason for an 18-year old eh!). I have grown up hearing about scholarships, foundations and philanthropist and I really wanted to make a contribution, to send some kids to school, to help build a road, a well or even fund some businesses. I really wanted to use my money to make the difference. But as I got exposure and worked with some organisations I have been in situations where we did not have any money and we had to make things happen, and they did. Of course, we needed support sometimes but it was not from millionaires, and we definitely did not need millions to create the impact we are creating. So again to help people around me, to do good in my community I do not need to be a millionaire.

If I can do those two important things to me, without necessary being a millionaire, then being one is not my priority, it will just be a bonus. 

I think as a society we have grown to believe that we need money (and lots of it) to make a difference or solve our problems, but we just need each other. I am not saying money is not important, all I am saying is that it is not the solution.

You do not need a huge amount of money to launch your idea, start where you are. You do not need to be a millionaire to get married, to serve God, to help that orphan, to give, to help build that school or church. You definitely do not need to be a millionaire to be happy, to enjoy life, to be yourself or to achieve your dreams.
You just need to look inside, think a bit, be creative, start small, collaborate with others, believe and take a step to do it.
I am not saying money is bad, all I am saying is it should not be your number one goal, your reason for breathing. Because this life has a lot to offer do not limit your achievements to the amount of money you will earn.



  1. Its a well written article but cant one be rich (millionare) and does all the things that you have been admiring?


  2. This is a common problem among us these days. Some people are living in the future always. Living in their imaginations! Instead of exploring the present and make use of it and enjoy it. You may end up living your life inside your head instead of outside as well!!


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